NEW WINDOW of your design.

As you can see, an invisible accessory system. activpilot completely confidential accessory parts consist of Elegance, function and design gives the new values. All system components are placed completely hidden to the accessory channel.

Winkhaus window with this system is designed to give new perspectives,, brings versatility to the field of interior decoration.

Distinguished solution: The perfect combination of form and function.

activpilot TopStar Elegance of the program consists of the system completely hidden in the accessories, create a system that is technically and optically perfect. Activpilot System Concept also features dual-boot system carries all the quality and. In addition to this, spring hinge, Single Turn and Hard knuckle hinge parts are settled as completely confidential safe space. In this way, the color difference between chassis and accessories will be hidden, windows can expand the choice of colors. TopStar system is a plus, Due to the accessories's secret is that the possibility of producing a narrower window. In this way, the presence of windows is provided to be more in line.

Not only optically hidden TopStar system, is also a plus in terms of safety features. Made of steel with locking pin lock mantarbaş proven reserves through the window at the same time, formal looks very nice as is safe against theft. Recently repeating again: activPilot Elegance – The perfect combination of form and function!